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You are joining a growing movement of families who are preempting racial bias and building connected, empathetic, and active homes and communities. We're glad to have you with us. 

Please check our program dates here.

Several of our events are required for registered families. 

Registration is a three-step process and is not compatible with mobile phones. 

1. Donate 

To sustain the work and make it possible for Story Starters to have an impact in your community and beyond, we ask that you consider making a donation of $150 to supplement program costs (actual cost of the program for one family is $300).  If you are unable to make a donation, we have full and partial scholarships available for any family who needs one. Contact Joslyne Decker -  joslyne@story-starters.org


2. Fill out registration form

This helps us keep track of your family and give you what you need to fully participate in the program. Scrolling is necessary to view the full form.

3. Register and confirm your email with Mailchimp

We use Mailchimp to send many of our communications and resources. This ensures that our emails end up in your inbox instead of your spam folder.  

STEP 1: Program Donation

Fill out the registration form. 

STEP 3: Register & Confirm with Mailchimp

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