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What parents are saying...

"The quality resources from Story Starters helped our white family engage in meaningful and challenging conversations that were both age appropriate for our 4 year old and filled with opportunities for learning for the adults. Story Starters creates a community of folks willing to take risks and grow together to be more intentional in our daily actions and interactions with the overlap of race, racism, and parenting."

"Introducing conversations about race and about difference isn't easy, even if you believe it is important.  Story Starters has helped us acknowledge this, and provided tools and language to support us ... The discussion guides that accompanied the books provided confidence that we didn't fully appreciate we needed.

"For our family, participating in Story Starters provided us tools to have family conversations about race with our daughter.  Learning about different types of children's books that address the difficult topic of racial differences and discrimination helped to make these uncomfortable conversations a bit easier.  The added bonus was meeting and spending some time with like minded families."

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"This program is providing confidence for us to speak to issues close to our heart, but we never had the guidance to say. "


“The program was amazing! It definitely got our family talking about race and equity in ways we never have before and in ways I didn't think were possible with young kids.”


"Story Starters enabled me to prioritize critical conversations about race and racism with my children. Not only did I feel better prepared when faced with tough conversations, but I also proactively sought opportunities to engage in these topics."

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