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Be a Story Starter!

Story Starters equips families and educators with strategies to develop young children’s anti-racist values and ability to disrupt racism in

their daily lives.

What We Know

3 - 5 year olds categorize people based on race 

(Katz, 2003).

Colorblind attitudes

cause greater racial bias

(Richeson & Nussbaum, 2004).

Reading fiction improves social empathy

(Kidd & Castano, 2013).

Our Impact
2018-01-07 17.25.28.jpg

In January of 2018, we launched our pilot program with 31 families from 10 cities & towns. Overall, our families increased their comfort and frequency in talking about race and racism. Click below to learn more about our impact.

We know there are organizations in other cities across the U.S. actively engaging families in racial justice work. Are you one of them? If so, be in touch

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